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3D Printing as a solution for unobtainable spare parts

The use of 3D printing in the automotive sector is becoming increasingly popular. With additive technology, it is possible to produce car parts, even vintage cars, that would otherwise be unavailable or difficult to find. Thanks to the power of this technology, every original part can be accurately and functionally reproduced, allowing classic car enthusiasts to cherish the original experience of their beloved car.

Why use 3D printing for classic car parts?

Classic car spare parts are often difficult to find, mainly if they are body parts or custom-made wheel rims. With 3D printing, on the other hand, it is possible to create replacement parts that perfectly match the car in question without having to search for the original model for a long time. Moreover, thanks to the high precision of the printer, the parts are perfectly functional, as if they had been produced using traditional methods. Finally, 3D technology allows the object to be scanned and 3D printed without designing the model from scratch, saving time and money.

How to design and produce car parts with 3D printing

To use an online 3D printing service to produce car parts, choosing the right 3D printer is first necessary. Different printers exist, from FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology to laser printers using DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) technology. Once the printer has been chosen, the 3D model of the component is created using CAD design software. Designing the component using the correct measurements and supports is vital to ensure it prints correctly. Once the model has been developed, we move on to the actual printing, with the subsequent post-processing necessary to obtain a high-quality finished part.

Advantages of using 3D printing for car parts

3D printing offers numerous advantages in the production of car parts. Firstly, it enables rapid prototyping, i.e. the possibility of testing new components before mass production. This makes it possible to discover any problems and optimise the part before it goes into production. Secondly, the precision in reproducing components is very high compared to other production methods, such as the manual nesting of components. Finally, the possibility of creating customised spare parts to ensure the optimal functioning of the car is an excellent opportunity for classic car enthusiasts who want to keep their vehicle at the top of its performance.

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