Fama 3D: Innovation and Excellence in 3D Printing

The History of Fantinelli

Fama 3D, a company active in the 3D printing sector for 10 years, represents an excellent example of how tradition and innovation can converge to create a successful business. This reality is the branch of Fantinelli, a company with deep roots in precision mechanics, active since 1878. In this company page, we will explore the history and success of Fama 3D and how Fantinelli’s legacy has influenced the growth and the development of this fascinating corporate reality.

145 Years of Excellence in Precision Mechanics

To fully understand the evolution of Fama 3D , it is essential to start with the history of Fantinelli, a company founded in 1878 in Milan. With over a century and a half of precision engineering experience, Fantinelli has earned a priceless reputation for quality, innovation and excellence in the production of precision components for a wide range of industries.

Fantinelli has always been at the forefront of mechanical innovation, developing and producing highly specialized parts for the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries, among others. The company has consistently invested in cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, thus ensuring its prominent place in the precision engineering industry.

The Birth of 3D Fame: An Expansion into the Universe of 3D Printing

In 2013, Fantinelli took a bold step forward by opening a new business unit focused on 3D printing. This move was inspired by the evolution of the manufacturing sector and the opportunity to adopt innovative technologies to meet growing customer needs. This initiative was born from a combination of vision and the ambition to maintain Fantinelli’s tradition of excellence, evolving it to meet the challenges of the future.

Excellence in 3D Printing: The 3D Footprint of Fame

Fama 3D has quickly earned a reputation for its excellence in 3D printing, with a focus on quality, precision and innovation. Here are some of the pillars that define the success of Fama 3D:

Cutting-edge technology: Fama 3D uses the most advanced 3D printing technologies available on the market. This includes latest generation industrial 3D printers and advanced design software.
Specialized Expertise: Fama 3D experts are highly skilled and trained to exploit the full potential of 3D printing technologies. This expertise guarantees the production of high precision parts.
Customization: Fama 3D is dedicated to providing customized solutions for its customers. Whether rapid prototyping, large-scale production or one-of-a-kind pieces, the company is able to adapt to each customer’s specific needs.
Consistent Quality: Fama 3D’s reputation for the consistent quality of its 3D printing is a direct result of meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality controls.

The Sectors Served by Fama 3D

Fama 3D offers 3D printing solutions to a wide range of industries. Among the main ones include:

Aerospace: Fama 3D produces lightweight and strong components for the aerospace industry, contributing to reducing aircraft weight and improving performance.
Automotive: The company is a key partner in automotive innovation, providing custom parts and rapid prototypes for the industry.
Medical: Fama 3D is involved in the production of advanced medical devices, thus contributing to improving the quality of medical care.
Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry benefits from the tailor-made production solutions offered by Fama 3D.

Commitment to Sustainability

Fama 3D recognizes the importance of sustainability in the manufacturing sector. The use of advanced materials and efficient manufacturing processes is an essential part of the company’s approach to reducing environmental impact. We are in fact testing various applications that use mixtures of recycled materials such as Polypropylene and Wood

The Future of Fame 3D

As Fama 3D celebrates a decade of success in the 3D printing industry, it looks to the future with determination and ambition. The company will continue to innovate, adapt to market needs and provide high-quality 3D printing solutions to its customers.

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In conclusion, Fama 3D represents a successful example of how a company with a strong tradition can embrace innovation to remain relevant in the rapidly evolving market. The combination of expertise in precision mechanics and printing technology

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