How does metal 3D printing work and what does LPBF-process mean?

We have prepared an understandable overview of how metal 3D printing works and how the laser powder bed fusion-process works.

The LPBF process: How does laser powered bed fusion work?

LPBF Alimentazione della polvere

1. Powder supply
Powder supply using cartridges

Deposizione dello strato di polvere

2. Coating
Deposizione dello strato di polvere

Fusione strato di polvere

3. Fusing
Fusing process of the powder by the laser

Cambio di piano

4. Decreasing
Decreasing the building platform & repeat steps 1-4 until the component height reached

Processo di disimballaggio

5. Unpacking process
Take the construction module and remove the powder from interspaces and support structures

Processo di disimballaggio

6. Unpacking process
Separation of the component and the building platform
Separation by band saw or spark erosion

Post elaborazione componente

7. Post-processing of the component
Support removal (Optional)
Beams Surface treatment

Materials available with us

The materials that can be used have all been tested by us and the parameters have been developed with care for an optimized result.

Materials Properties Application example
Stainless steel 1.4404/316L
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High tensile strength good strength and rigidity
Watches, jewellery, functional components for electronic housings and accessories.
Food and chemical facilities.
For non-corrosive components in the automotive industry.
Aluminum 3.2382 (Coming Soon)
  • High dynamic load capacity
  • Easily post processing possible
Functional prototypes.
Aerospace interior.
Mechanical engineering.
Tool Steel 1.2709 (Coming Soon)
  • Thermally hardenable up to approx. 54 HRC
  • Good thermal conductivity compared to other steels
Injection moulding tools and their applications.
Pressure die-casting tool applications.
Functional prototypes, small series production, individualized products and spare parts.
Components that require particularly high strength and/or rigidity.

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