3D Printing Christmas Decorations

Stampa 3D decorazioni natalizie

3D Printing for creating bespoke Christmas Decorations

A 3D printing service, among the many changes it can make, can also help create a magical atmosphere at Christmas. How? Through the creation of customised Christmas decorations. You only need a 3D printer, a filament spool, and some creative talent.

Nowadays, even on an occasion like the Christmas holidays, more and more people are deciding to take a closer look at the numerous Christmas decorations on offer, ready to be 3D printed.

In this regard, here is what a 3D printing service allows you to achieve when creating bespoke Christmas decorations.

1. Life-size snowman

When it snows, many people try their hand at making cute snowmen. However, the consistency of the snow is not exactly the best. With 3D printing, bypassing the problem is very simple: choose the colour filament that suits your intentions, create the parts, and assemble them correctly. It takes very little to create a life-sized snowman.

Christmas Village

The Christmas Village is one of the most popular themed decorations to decorate the home for the festive season: choose the model of the houses and then, after the creation is complete, illuminate them with fantastic LED lights. Printing the modern version of the Christmas crib is very simple. Moreover, you can expand the village yearly, making the decoration unique.

Star spike to decorate the Christmas tree

According to the biblical story, the comet star represents one of the quintessential symptoms of Christianity, as it led the three Wise Men to the manger of the Infant Jesus. The star topper should never be missing when decorating the Christmas tree. Why not try 3D printing it with PLA? Alternatively, this Christmas decoration can also be used as a focal point on any flat surface, such as a table in the living room.

Christmas balls

Why buy new Christmas balls every year when you can 3D print them in a customised version instead? Once the product is made, painting it and decorating it with glitter colours is a pleasant experience: the visual impact achieved is something unique that will certainly not go unnoticed in guests’ eyes.

Christmas tree

There is no Christmas without a tree. This personalised Christmas decoration is also all the rage regarding 3D printing: you must know how to integrate the parameters in the file to get something special, ready to be adorned with lights.

The Grinch

During the festive season, one of the most watched films is The Grinch, that furry green creature masterfully played by Jim Carrey, who lives in a cave alone and hates Christmas. So why not try printing a miniature version of the green misanthrope? Strictly 3D, of course. Once the job is done, painting it is essential to make it look better than ever. The children will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Christmas decorations for windows and shop windows

Many people love seeing windows and shop windows decorated to their best advantage during Christmas. The most beautiful ones always catch passers-by’s attention, who photograph and share them on social networks. Aiming at them is a must to achieve zero-cost advertising for your shop. You are spoilt to choose stickers, lights, artificial snow, and glitter. Once the decision has been made and the project completed, the creations churned out by the 3D printer have to be painted and then placed on the windows or shop windows. In short, the top is for those keen to give their home or work environment a special touch during these unforgettable moments.

Santa’s reindeer

It is expected to see images of Santa’s reindeer during the festive season. Thanks to an excellent printing service, why not create them in 3D? Decorating the final pieces with glitter or metallic paint will give them a nice look. Placing them under the tree is a wise decision!

Biscuit moulds

Hot biscuits are a classic of the Christmas season. Foodies would sharpen their wits in this regard by turning to 3D printing. Once you have chosen the ideal shape for your biscuits – and there is no shortage of alternatives between star, tree, Father Christmas or Befana’s stocking – you can proceed. With the moulds created in 3D, you will obtain biscuits that are so beautiful to look at that you immediately want to eat them. After all, the eye wants its part, too, as is well known.

Other ornamental projects

Christmas ornaments equally worthy of attention in the 3D printing process include candles, shepherd figurines ready to populate the crib, garlands, and paperweights. The top to make Christmas unique. As for many projects just described, the ideal material is PLA plastic. The underlying reason is that it proves easy to work with.

Flawlessly decorating the interior and exterior of your home or office with these beautiful 3D-printable personalised Christmas decorations will be simply spectacular.

The common denominator of all these presented options is that they appeal to both young and old. Moreover, you don’t have to invest much time to make them.

Therefore, requesting a 3D printing service is also worthwhile in order to differentiate oneself from the competition by offering original and creative solutions. Many companies are already doing this to improve their business numbers. What are you waiting for?

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